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    AMERICA KEY BOXES     4100 VALLEY TRAIL     KENNEDALE,  TEXAS  76060     1 800 561 5397    
Utilized by the FBI , the US Postal Service, Locksmiths, Property Management,
Car Dealers, Universities -   And  Many  Others !  

PRODUCTS1 to 5 Key Storage Lock Box

1575 Key Storage Chest

Clear Lexan Front Key

Digital locks

   Computer tracking
   Safe combination lock

High Capacity Key Hook
Cabinets 15 to 600 Hooks

   Technical Drawings

IC Cores (Best)

Jail Key Storage

Key Panels

Key Storage Cabinets with Key Tags

  30 Key Holders to 730 Key   Holders

Key Tracking
Key Tracking Cobra
   Keyper Key Tracking

Key Card Cabinets

Key Tags

Key Drop Boxes
   Convertable Key
   Drop Box

   Front and Side Drops
   Night Owl Drop Box
Safe Key Drop
   Through the Wall Drop

Keysure Extra Key Control System

Legal & Letter Size File Cabinet Panels

Locksmith Key Boxes

Super Saver

Limited Product Warranty









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Auto Dealers Key Safe
The SUPRA MAX is made from durable zinc alloy. Its unique one-piece construction and hinged lid provide durability and ease of use. The MAX has proven its worth in the automotive market over the years and is used by more car dealerships than all other KeyBoxes combined.     
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Key Storage Box - holds 5 keys
Holds 5 keys
Wall Mount

Super Saver

Key Chest

Key Chests
Key Storage Cabinets with Key Tags
Key Cabinet 30 count         Key Tags and Key         Key Storage Cabinet 730 count
available in sizes from 30 key holders to 730 key holders

*** COBRA ***

Cobra Key Tracking
Wall Mounted Key Storage
Keycard Cabinets
Keyper Key Tracking

Key Drop Boxes Through The Wall Key Drop
Convertable Key Drop Box
Outside Safe Key Drop

Letter File Cabinet Panls      Clear Lexan Front Panels   Elock 3
Elock 3

now with lettered dials!

Store 1575 Keys
Keysure Key Control Systems Jail Key Storage

Key Ring and Plastic Case 
( with Paper Insert Identification Tag )


Hitch Safe

Hitch Safe

HitchSafe     $89.00 plus S&H
The durable, all-metal HitchSafe converts your receiver into a VAULT with the hitch pins secured INSIDE the Hitch Receiver via two sliding bars that can only be accessed via a 10,000 possible combination drawer.

The HitchSafe secures keys, license, cash and up to 2 credit cards and is great for active lifestyles
where these items can be stored during outdoor activities with no need to hassle with carrying or losing keys/cards . The combinated drawer is concealed and protected with an attractive dust cover.
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America Key Boxes  are  Designed  For
Key Control  and  Security

Since September 11, 2001, companies realize more than ever the importance of secure key control systems. America Key Boxes and Cabinets manufacture high security key storage cabinets, key lock boxes, key control cabinets, and key hooks for key control. The key control cabinets and key hooks are constructed of heavy-duty cold rolled steel. Each key cabinet is fitted with a Best Interchangeable Core lock for maximum security. All key lock boxes are powder coated for a quality finish.

Utilized by the FBI, US Postal Service and many Universities as property management tools where key control is important. Let America Key Boxes Control Systems work for you.


key cabinets
key cabinets
key control
key boxes
key cabinets
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